Out of place in the Instagram age

I’m not old, but when I look at social media I start to feel like it. I’m just not hip or cool at all, and I don’t understand how so many people I know seem to be able to play the Instagram game.

I’m not witty, I don’t know the perfect little tagline to say about myself nor do I want to give anyone a tiny idea of who I am which doesn’t actually capture anything about who I am. Today’s Insta culture of having cute, clever, or sassy taglines for yourself and everything you do is just not something I can do.

I’ve tried.

I have no idea what to say about most things I post, except a description of what’s in the picture. I don’t really follow pop culture, so maybe if I did I’d have more hip things to say.

But, I don’t actually care that much. I’m kind of a square. I use Instagram and Facebook to share stuff I think is worthwhile with whoever wants to look at it. However, it’s really easy to get sucked into a superficial culture of caring about how many likes you get, how clever you can make your captions, and how flippant you can seem about how awesome you make your life look. It’s easy to get sucked in when everyone else seems to care so much about these things.

So I have to remind myself — I don’t actually care and this is not me.

How many likes you receive doesn’t say anything about who you are as a person. How clever the stuff you post is doesn’t either. I have Googled some of the clever things people post, and much of it isn’t original content anyway — they stole it from somewhere else and posted it as if they came up with it.

And if you can think of those flippant, “cool” taglines that rub people just the right way, good for you! Now tell me about your real life — maybe its just as awesome but I can’t really know by looking at social media.

There’s a huge difference between internet personas and real life for most people. I think part of me fears that difference is becoming less and less. I worry that these constant selfie-posting, self-promoting, seemingly superficial internet selves are who we’re becoming in real life, too.

Or, is this an antiquated way of thinking? Does it matter how many likes you get? Is that what our culture is moving toward? Am I turning into one of those people who refuses to change as times change? I sure hope not.

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